Alan Getto is a folk/rock singer-songwriter newly based in Pittsburgh. He moved from Brooklyn in 2017 to Ligonier (an hour outside Pittsburgh) in order to release an album and go on tour, and to help his family build a house. Having accomplished all of that, Alan has recently set his sights on making Pittsburgh his new musical home-base. 

Similarly to Alan’s upbringing in rural parts of the Northeast and Midwest, Alan’s songs often have a rural soundscape: acoustic guitar, fiddle, harmonica, etc. After he moved to Brooklyn in 2014, however, his music started to resemble city life a bit more: electric, eclectic; consisting sometimes of fuzzed-out electric guitar and bass, drums, etc. At bottom, however, his instrumentation provides a setting for his lyrics, which live at the forefront of his songs.

Alan’s lyrics are often literary (he studied literature in college), but have simplicity and poetry at their heart. This aspect mirrors his early influences: Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Warren Zevon. His lyrics and his sound seat Alan’s music alongside contemporary artists like Big Thief, Kurt Vile, and Andrew Bird. 

Alan has two releases out and available for streaming or purchase: “All Different Times,” released in 2015; and “Versus,” released in 2017. Like these releases, Alan often plays solo shows with his acoustic or electric guitar, but sometimes will have friends join him on stage. This variability ensures that no two shows of Alan’s are the same, giving fans a reason to keep coming back.